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author image by waridentity | 0 Comments | January 28, 2021

The game mode is called Zombies Hoard and I already told you it is my favorite. This game mode is great for both casual and super serious gamers. I currently am trying to get to the top of the leaderboards for Zombies Hoard, coming in at third place. In this post I wanted to give you an introduction to the game mode and some basic tips to help you survive the hoard.

Tip 1: Know your zombie

In Zombies Hoard, there are a few different types of zombies: Normal, Agile, Explosive, Range 

(I call it a spitter), Fast, and Tanky (which is a boss that appears every 5th wave).

Below are image of each one:


  • Normal Damage
  • Normal Speed
  • Normal Health


  • Less Health
  • Slightly faster than normal
  • Climbing attributes
  • Tries to avoids bullets


  • Fast
  • Explodes on contact or if too close

You must definitely keep an eye out for these enemies, many times they can catch you off guard, blow up and you will either go down or have a good chunk of your health taken away.

RANGE (Spitters)

  • Vomits projectiles at the player
  • Projectiles slow the player

Spitters are important targets and will become a dangerous distraction on higher rounds. I recommend either taking them out as fast as possible with a knife or a few bullets to the head. Their spit makes your vision a mess and is meant to encourage players to choose their targets well. These are the only enemies in the game that deal no damage to you, so take advantage of that and knife them to save ammo.


  • Very fast
  • Poisons the player (tick dmg for X seconds)

These are pretty dangerous as they deal damage to you with a swipe and poison you, resulting in even more damage. You will see them crouched down running to you, they are a very high priority target as they close in on you fast.

TANKY – BOSS (spawns each 5th wave)

  • Improved hp
  • Normal speed

Though this boss is tanky, He is NOT SLOW. This is currently the fastest zombie in the game, wildy outpacing the others in its pursuit of your death. You will most definitely find this zombie a challenge, try to either take the boss out quickly or if you want to conserve ammo go after other zombies and train.

Tip 2: Learn to train zombies/movement

‘Train’ or ‘Training’ is a term used in zombie games where a player groups zombies together to form a sort of Train with enemies lined up or in a grouped up horde. The point of training is to learn how to control zombie movement by making them follow you in a certain way to make it easier for you to move around. When training I recommend pulling out your knife or pistol, as you run faster. Keep track of your stamina though!

Tip 3: Headshots

Not much to say here but that headshots do lots of damage to enemies and this helps out a lot during later rounds, where zombies have more health and need to be taken down quickly.

Tip 4: Conserve ammo 

In this game mode you get 3 supply drops, these are used to get additional ammo. To throw down a supply drop, press the ‘h’ key. To grab the ammo off the ground, pull out the weapon you want ammo for, then go prone on the ammo by pressing ‘z’.

Additionally you can buy guns from the Shop or the random crates that are around the map.

Tip 5: Work with teammates

Communicate with your teammates as you share resources (ammo drops found on the ground) with them, and they can help you when you go down.

When your health reaches 0%, you go down. In this state you are not dead but bleeding out. Zombies will still go after you but you can shoot them with your secondary. Your teammates can revive you when pressing ‘x’. 

With these tips I think you will be well off to start when playing Zombies Hoard in War Identity. Have fun and don’t get eaten!

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